At This Time Of Year, Just Like Love, Nashville Holiday Lighting Is All Around

While watching our perennial favorite Christmas movie, Love Actually, we thought of the many similarities while watching Hugh Grant narrate the opening sequence of the film.

“Love is everywhere. Love is all around.”


In that single moment, it occurred to us that the same can be said of our Nashville Holiday Lighting designs and installations. Virtually everywhere you look, you’ll see us through our creative Christmas illumination handiwork. For as long as we can remember, you can see the joy and love in the faces of everyone who experiences the magical blend of our holiday colors and shining effects throughout town.


That is especially true in our large-scale Nashville holiday lighting installations that have become a popular tradition, which we refer to as Custom Commercial Holiday Lighting.

Nashville Holiday Lighting Dazzles Citizens And Guests Visiting The Capitol Tree

From a business perspective, the best clients are the ones who are so happy with the quality of the service you provide that they return again and again … and again.


For example, take the Nashville holiday lighting magic we bring to The Capitol Tree once again – now in our 10th year. Imagine – a decade of joyous wonder and smiles.


This year’s design palette is a rich and bold combination of holiday classic colors – red, gold, and silver – topped by that glimmering star tree topper.

It’s Not A Typographical Error – “Seasons Eatings” Is Exactly What Our Nashville Holiday Lighting Display At The Loveless Café Is Meant To Say

Just as The Loveless Café is a beloved tradition in cherished Southern cuisine for a decade now, so is our transformation of its exterior into an illuminated glowing wonderland of light.


From the strands of radiant festive bistro bulbs to the gentle and soft glow of uplighting embracing the eatery’s exterior, Christmas truly is all around.

Oh, what fun it is to create joyful, glowing, and dazzling exteriors that welcome regular patrons and visiting guests at this most special time of year.

To Make The Best Food In Nashville, Their Cooks Arrive At 3:00 AM Each And Every Day

Imagine having to wake up before the rooster crows to go to work – only to have a smile on your face suddenly appear when you pull into the parking lot at 3:00 AM to make the most famous Southern biscuits in the world. That’s exactly what happens each and every holiday season at The Loveless Café.


What a great way to start the day as their team makes ready the fixins’ for a breakfast menu that is served all day – YUM!

For our dining guests to enjoy their Supper Menu and Sweets Menu until 8:00 PM, they, too, will embrace the stunning illuminations our energy-smart Nashville holiday lighting greets them with.

Customized Commercial Christmas Lighting To Brighten And Welcome Each Holiday Season With Wonderous Joy

Our holiday outdoor lighting designs grace the exterior of many of Music City’s most popular commercial venues, each dynamic as the services or items they offer.



We believe that seasonal holiday lighting should not only reflect the festive nature of the season, but also the character that makes each commercial establishment unique. We strive to design a truly custom holiday outdoor lighting design that will set you apart from the crowd, and encourage return visits.

Some of our most notable commercial customers, in addition to The Loveless Café, include the famous Goo Goo shop in downtown Nashville, The Mall at Green Hills, The Gulch, and of course, our custom tree lighting that we’ve done at The Nashville Capitol for more than a decade.

For More Information On How We Make The Magic Happen, We Invite You To Connect With Us While You’re Here

Contact us online: https://nashville-christmas-lighting.com/about-us/.

You can also reach out by phone: 615-373-0638

David Todd, Director of Sales Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

David Todd, Director of Sales Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.




Schedule Your Commercial Holiday Lighting Installation Now Before Our Calendars Fill Up

Yes, our Nashville temperatures will be in the 90s this week; but before you know it, you’ll be wishing for these beautiful days and evenings as the autumn and winter holiday season approaches.


Welcome to our Christmas In July call for holiday lighting installations throughout the greater Nashville area!

This is your invitation for office parks, strip malls, business centers, commercial buildings and common areas to get onto Santa’s “Nice” list by calling us to book your 2022 holiday displays and Christmas lighting installations NOW!

They Who Hesitate To Plan Ahead May Be Very Well Out Of Luck

In just 19 weeks from now, Santa will officially kick off the 2022 Christmas holiday season in Herald Square in Manhattan as he glides down the avenue in front of Macy’s department store.


Here in Nashville, we’ll be lighting up the town to do our part to celebrate this most wonderful time of year.

In addition to enjoying our dazzling lights and magical sights all over town, be sure to plan on experiencing the best of Music City at Christmastime.

Cheekwood Holiday Lights Is An Experience Not To Be Missed

This spectacular holiday event requires months of preparation and a team of highly skilled workers to get the job done. Bob Lyons and his Nutcracker-Jack team of lighting designers from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville will once again be on board with Cheekwood to create the most magical display of Christmas holiday lighting you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.


In fact, in the spirit of Christmas In July, preparations are underway right now with holiday lighting installations starting in a few short weeks at the beginning of August. It’s only a matter of time before we can all stroll through Cheekwood Gardens surrounded by ONE MILLION LIGHTS by mid-November.

starfield at cheekwood

“Last year ‘The Star Field’ was one of the more challenging pieces to design and assemble,” said Lyons. “It’s comprised of more than 250 sections of lights, each with a different program to make the dancing lights a reality,” Lyons added.

Christmas Lights Up The Night All Over Nashville

Additional Christmas holiday lighting installations can be seen virtually all over town:

Join In The Fun; And Light Up Your Commercial Business Façade, Exterior Spaces, And Landscapes With The Finest Professional Christmas Holiday Lighting Available Anywhere

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville – also known as Nashville Christmas Lighting – is ready to schedule your complimentary Christmas holiday lighting design consultation and installation.


Call us at 615-373-0638 or click right here to connect with our Christmas Holiday Lighting scheduling department.


Custom Commercial Christmas Holiday Lighting for The Goo Goo Shop

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville had the distinct pleasure to customize a commercial holiday lighting design that was sweet and simple, just like the beloved treats that have made the Goo Goo brand so famous.


For this installation, we adorned the entry surround with festive illuminated garland. In addition, we installed a pair of lighted wreaths to the storefront flanking each side of the trademark name inscribed on the building itself.


These touches add warmth alongside the red cast of the signature Goo Goo shop’s neon sign. The result is a welcoming way to frame the large assortment of candies visible from the large picture windows in honor of the season. It’s reminiscent of highlighting the magic of Santa’s workshop for onlookers.

It’s Christmas In July; And It’s High Time To Let The Professionals Design And Install Your Christmas Holiday Outdoor Lighting!

We take great pride in using the highest-quality, professional-grade outdoor lighting to decorate for Christmas and all seasonal holidays –Hanukkah and Kwanzaa included.


Spread the joy of the season your way, with the style of lighting you enjoy most. Whether you prefer soft elegance, or a lighting display that is playful and over-the-top, we can illuminate your commercial building, municipality, hospitality venue, or entertainment enterprise exterior to match the way you celebrate. We have been creating spectacular outdoor holiday lighting displays for decades around the Nashville area; and we look forward to adding you to our client list.

Call: 615-373-0638

Click: https://nashville-christmas-lighting.com/contact-us/

Email: olpnashville@outdoorlights.com

David Todd, Director of Sales Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

David Todd, Director of Sales Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.




We Are Your Nashville Commercial Holiday Lighting Specialists And It Shines Through!

Holiday lighting and Christmas décor specialists for Cheekwood, our State Capitol, and beyond throughout Nashville.

It’s a Christmas wish come true. Your home and business all aglow with the colorful illuminations of the holiday season, without lifting a finger, except to call us for your free Nashville commercial holiday lighting design consultation.


No more tangled Christmas lights. Say goodbye to exterior extension ladders. Now there is a marvelous alternative to the worry, hassle, and time-crunching exercise of putting up your holiday lighting. Just let the professionals do it from Nashville Christmas Lights – the specialty holiday division of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. Simply put, we’re the finest Nashville commercial Christmas lighting resource.


Having designed and installed the spectacular holiday lighting of our State Capitol’s Christmas Tree for the past 9 years, this joyful season will be our 10th.


Music City trusts the holiday illumination experts at Nashville Christmas Lighting for good reason. Our Christmas lights for business exteriors and Christmas lights for commercial installations are the epitome of  Commercial Holiday Lighting, no matter how large the task or the installation.

commercial holiday lighting at the Loveless Cafe

And there’s much more than just red and green with our custom and themed holiday outdoor lighting designs and installations. For example, we can design a custom “Toyland” themed display using toy soldiers, trains, and even teddy bears and Santa Claus.


If a more devoutly traditional religious theme is what you have in mind, no problem. Our talented design team can help you select the perfect nativity or Hanukkah Menorah for your landscape.

And to help Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer find your house more easily, we even offer a wide menu of holiday-themed roofline lighting – everything from snowflakes to bells and bows, In other words, if you can dream it, we can bring it to life through our magical holiday lighting designs and installations.


If you love color – and at Christmastime, who doesn’t – just wait until you see how our holiday lighting designers transform everyday outdoor landscape trees that become absolutely breathtakingly beautiful after sunset.


Speaking of installations, here’s the best part. Nashville Christmas Lighting service is all-inclusive. That means we do absolutely everything – Christmas lighting design, fixture, and light bulb ordering, installation, end-of-season removal, and then we store your holiday lighting display in our temperature-controlled warehouses so you and yours can indulge in the magic of the season completely hassle-free. And that makes Santa and his Elves beam with holiday cheer.


The truth of the matter is when it comes to the finest and most joyous and carefree residential and commercial holiday lighting design and installation service, there is only one – Nashville Christmas Lighting. Visit our Favorite Holiday Lighting Installations right here. And while you’re here, we’ve made it even easier for you to contact us in plenty of time before the holidays – right here.

Before you know it, you’ll be greeting Christmas guests, family and friends with the welcoming colors of “Happy Holidays” … Joyeuses Fêtes … Frohes Fest … Felices Fiestas … Buone Feste … Felizes Festas … Fijne Feestdagen … Sărbători Fericite … Wesołych Świąt … Glad Helg … and Hezké Svátky!

nashville christmas lights

preferred lighting provider for cheekwood




It’s Time to Let the Professionals Design and Install Your Christmas Holiday Outdoor Lighting!

Fast-forward in your mind to the months between now and Christmas: Does the sheer anticipation of putting up outdoor lighting for the holidays bring you joy? Or do you dread the work involved in hanging your outdoor holiday lighting … again? If you have less enthusiasm for this task each year, it is time to consider a marvelous alternative. Outdoor Living Perspectives of Nashville specializes in residential holiday lighting design and installation of all kinds! If you call us early enough, we can even have it handled by Thanksgiving!

Franklin TN residential outdoor lighting provider

Read more: Looking for “Residential Holiday Outdoor Lighting Companies near Me”?

Custom Lighting Displays For The Holiday You Celebrate

We use high-quality, professional-grade outdoor lighting to decorate for any holiday—Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa included. Spread the joy of the season your way, with the style of lighting you enjoy most. Whether you prefer soft elegance, or a lighting display that is playful and over-the-top, we can illuminate your home’s exterior to match the way you celebrate. We have been creating spectacular outdoor holiday lighting displays at homes around the Nashville area for more than 30 years.


With our professional outdoor lighting expertise and beautiful holiday lighting designs, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood. The best thing about letting us do the work for you is that it frees you up to do things you actually enjoy. The second-best thing is that the LED lights we use have very low wattage, so the cost to operate them is quite low.

What Is Your Goal For Your Residential Holiday Lighting Display?

Do you prefer classic strings of soft, elegant white lights that express your awe and reverence for the season? Would you enjoy outdoor Christmas lighting that is somewhat subtle but twinkles or changes color throughout the evening? Do you decorate to amuse the children in your neighborhood, each year’s display more animated and fun than the year before? Or maybe you choose lighting that brings joy to the child in everyone!


One of our professional outdoor lighting designers will talk with you about the style of holiday lighting you want us to install for you. There are many types of Christmas lights for house exterior displays. We have one-of-a-kind decorations designed specifically for us, so if you want unique, cutting-edge lighting designs, we will exceed your expectations. In addition to traditional string lights, with white lights and colorful lights available, we also have a variety of other holiday lights. Picture icicle lights, snowflake lights and snowfall lighting! Whether you prefer to decorate your home’s exterior with traditional wreaths and garlands or fun and festive yard displays, we’ve got you covered!

Benefits of Professional Christmas Lights Outdoor Installation

Here are some of the benefits of hiring the professionals with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to design and install your outdoor holiday lighting:

  • It’s so much easier than doing it yourself!
  • No more rummaging through your garage or attic to look for the old outdoor lights.
  • No more fighting with tangled strings of lights!
  • No more dangers of hazardous, overloaded circuits!
  • No more risk of falling from a ladder while stringing lights along your home’s roofline.
  • You can have a fresh, new selection of holiday lighting designs for a change!
  • You get worry-free installation by licensed and bonded professionals.
  • You’ll have one less chore as you prepare for the holidays!

How Our Holiday Outdoor Lighting Program Works

Many of our clients are repeat customers. Once they experience the relief of turning the outdoor holiday lighting chore over to professionals, they never again want to do it themselves!

Here’s how the program works. First, we’ll talk with you to learn what type of outdoor holiday lighting you want at your home. We will design lighting to reflect the mood you want for your outdoor lighting display. We’ll order the lights for you, and we’ll install them. We have licensed electricians on staff and all of our technicians are professionals. While we install your lighting in the daylight, we check the display after sunset to make sure everything meets expectations. After the holidays, we come back and take the lights down. Don’t worry about storing them! We pack all the lights neatly in organized boxes and store them for you in a temperature-controlled facility.


Next year, we will bring your lights back and install them again. In the meantime, we check all bulbs to make sure they are ready for another holiday season. We can also add something new to your display each year, if you would like, or make any changes you request.

You can choose to have your outdoor lighting display set to turn on and off at certain times every night. Or, we can use sensors so the lights automatically operate from dusk to dawn. We can also program your indoor and outdoor lighting displays to turn on in unison. We call that “set-it-and-forget-it” convenience!


Contact us today to learn how our professional outdoor Christmas lighting can lighten your holiday preparations and make your home the envy of your neighbors.

nashville christmas lights


preferred lighting provider for cheekwood


Looking for Residential Holiday Outdoor Lighting Companies near Me?

Who Is The Best Christmas Outdoor Lighting Company Near Me?

If you are wondering the answer to this question, you are not alone! There may be fly-by-night companies in Nashville that claim they do Christmas outdoor lighting installations because they want to take advantage of getting any work they can during the colder months. Outdoor lighting is all we do, it is not a sideline or part-time business. Call the professionals at Nashville Christmas Lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, because holiday lighting is our specialty every year.


Who Are the Holiday Outdoor Lighting Companies Near Me? We Have the Answer Nashville!

Residential outdoor Christmas lighting designs require a specific skill to look gorgeous, so why put your Christmas outdoor lights installation into the hands of an amateur without a license or who isn’t bonded? What if they fall off a ladder while doing your Christmas outdoor lights installation? Don’t risk a mediocre Christmas outdoor lights installation and face disappointment.

When Searching for Christmas Outdoor Lighting Companies –Stick with the Pros That won’t Let you Down


Let Nashville Christmas Lights handle your Christmas outdoor lighting design so your home looks spectacular for the entire holiday season. We come in with our Christmas lights and decorations so you don’t have to lift a finger or rummage through your attic or garage. All our commercial grade string lighting is top quality and made to last season after season. We’ve got stunning garlands, swags, trees and tons of other holiday décor to ensure your home looks captivating.

Christmas Outdoor Lighting LED that Dazzles

Your home can have a stunning appeal for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any holiday you desire. Year after year, we dress up Music City’s commercial businesses and residential homes with gorgeous color and twinkling lights. We can wrap your tree trunks with festive holiday lights, and outline your roofline in a way that dazzles in the night. Our commercial-grade decorations are one-of-a-kind and are designed specifically for us, so your look will be entirely unique. We use LED lights that are low wattage and cost very little to operate.


When the holiday season is done, we take everything down and store it in our climate-controlled warehouse. You don’t have to have waste any storage space in your home, nor even have to worry about the headache of dealing with burned-out bulbs and tangled wires next season. We take care of it all for you! Next year we can come back and try out a whole different display, so your home looks fresh every holiday time.

nashville christmas lighting

The designers at Nashville Christmas Lighting are able to work within your budget to give you the look you desire. We can give you a subdued, glamorous look with simple white twinkling lights and wreaths; or we go big with a wild theme hatched out of your childhood dreams with zany color and characters. Get on our schedule right now to get your outdoor Christmas lighting designs and ideas in gear early.


Contact us or visit us at NashvilleChristmasLights.com to discuss your residential outdoor Christmas lighting needs. We guarantee to make your outdoor holiday lighting visions come true!



Are You Looking for Outdoor Commercial Christmas Lighting Near Me? The Search is Over!

Do you own a business and are searching for commercial Christmas lighting near me?

Are You Looking for Outdoor Commercial Christmas Lighting Near Me

When it comes to commercial Christmas lighting companies in Music City, nobody beats Nashville Christmas Lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. We are the custom commercial Christmas lighting installers of choice in Nashville, and we have many great clients and references around town to prove it.

Looking for Commercial Christmas Lighting Installers in Nashville?

Are you stumped trying to find the best commercial LED Christmas lights outdoor installers? You can be sure that Nashville Christmas Lights has got your business covered when it comes to commercial LED Christmas tree lights outdoors. We’ve got years of amazing experience thanks to our talented designers and installers that work like elves helping businesses all over Nashville bring holiday cheer to their customers.


Gorgeous outdoor LED Christmas lighting helps attract customers to your business at night. Are you a hospitality venue, restaurant or retail shop looking to feature commercial led Christmas lights outdoors? We will help your cash register sing Fa-la-la with our stunning string lighting, tree wraps, garlands, trees, wreaths, and other jolly décor to turn heads this holiday season.

Commercial LED Christmas Lights Outdoors Make Customers Happy

With over 30 years of involvement in residential and commercial outdoor lighting–our experience rocks when it comes to commercial Christmas outdoor lighting in terms of creativity, quality of materials, and LED string lighting made right here in the USA. We know that commercial Christmas lighting outdoors brings joy to customers and it brings in business, so don’t overlook this during the season of selling.


Themed outdoor Christmas lighting is one of our specialties; so if there is a specific look you are trying to capture to enthrall your clients we are happy to make that a reality. If you seek a simple look with just white lights and elegant festive swags, we can come in with a delightful minimalist flair too. Whether you want a rainbow of colors that turn heads or a serene aura, we can make it materialize within your budget.

We have illuminated the tree at the Nashville Christmas tree at the Capitol in Nashville for the last 5 years running. We are the preferred outdoor lighting provider for Cheekwood Estates & Gardens where each holiday, one million lights are on display.  In addition, we have made the Loveless Café in Music City look enchanting during the holidays too. If some of the biggest names in Nashville trust us to dress up their commercial businesses with holiday outdoor lighting, then you should know you are in good hands when it comes to commercial Christmas lights outdoors.


With the holidays just a few months away, the best time to contact us is right now so we can begin designing your commercial LED Christmas lights outdoor theme now. We can do this with a contact-free appointment, and a no-contact installation. When it is all done, we come back and remove all the lighting and décor so that you don’t have to. We can also store everything in our climate-controlled warehouse so it doesn’t take up any extra space in your business. It doesn’t get any easier!

Contact us or visit us at NashvilleChristmasLights.com to discuss your commercial outdoor Christmas lighting needs.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is the Secret behind Cheekwood’s One Million Twinkling Holiday Lights

The spectacular Cheekwood Estate & Gardens Christmas holiday lights have been a long-standing tradition for many families in Nashville and the surrounding area. It’s so awesome, that it was voted the Best of Nashville Local Event/Festival in 2019 by Nashville Scene by a reader poll. Did you know that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is the secret behind this one million holiday outdoor lights display? Yep! We’re the magical holiday lighting elves behind Cheekwood!

We’re the magical holiday lighting elves behind Cheekwood

We have worked with Cheekwood for four consecutive years to ensure a gorgeous visual winter wonderland of outdoor holiday lights that is pure delight. Running now until January 5th, 2020, the incredibly involved displays pull you in and encourage you to stroll one mile of the spectacular grounds of Cheekwood. Young and old will enjoy this illuminating tradition that is sure to create family memories.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville takes great pride in lighting some of Music City’s greatest landmarks, and the Cheekwood Estate & Gardens is no exception. You and your family have the opportunity for spectacular evening photos, hot chocolate and s’mores by an outdoor fire, and meeting Santa and his reindeer. It’s an incredible way to gather family and friends surrounded by gaggles of awe-inspiring twinkling lights that are sure to leave you “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing.”

We are the holiday lighting elves behind Cheekwood at Christmas!

It takes months of designing, prep-work and installation to turn Cheekwood’s stunning grounds into a marvelous and impressive interactive tour of lights. We wrap miles of tree trunks, limbs, shrubbery, arbors and we even make lights appear to dance on water. Our outdoor lighting designers and installers work tirelessly to create magic with a million LED bulbs in an array of colors and shapes that dazzle in the evening light.


This incredible illusion of lights is beautifully elegant and romantic and is perfect for a first date or for a large group to visit. Your holiday season is sure to be memorable once you experience the visual spectacle that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville brings to Cheekwood Estates & Gardens. It’s not to be missed!

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville help you with your commercial and residential outdoor lighting in the new year. Contact us today.




Celebrating our 8th Season of Christmas at the Capitol

Christmas tree at Nashville's CapitolThe magic of the holiday season can be enjoyed all over Music City but, one special Christmas tree always promises to shine the brightest — the Capitol Christmas tree in downtown Nashville!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville would like to invite you to witness this the magic of the Christmas tree at the TN State Capitol. This is our 8th season lighting the tree and we remain honored to have been chosen for the task again this year.

Holiday lighting Nashville TNThis year’s tree is a 38+ foot tall Norway Spruce donated by the Hazen family of Columbia, TN. The back story behind this year’s tree is quite interesting. The Hazen’s had planted this stunning tree back in 1990. Over time and as the tree grew, the tree began to impede on their Columbia, TN, home. Due to the conifer’s ever-growing proximity, the time had come to cut the tree down. This is when Mr. and Mrs. Hazen reached out to the TN government entities to see if the tree could be used in some way. We are thrilled that they connected with the Governor’s office, in making this a win/win for everyone!

This Christmas treasure now commands attention as it sits majestically at the State Capitol donned in classic mix of 5,000 red and white lights, red and gold balls, strobe lights and topped off with a silver star. All are welcome to visit this holiday season – don’t miss it!

The official tree lighting takes place tonite from 5:30 – 6:30, with refreshments and entertainment. Governor Lee and the First Lady invite you to join them as they celebrate Christmas at the Capitol.


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