At This Time Of Year, Just Like Love, Nashville Holiday Lighting Is All Around

 In Custom Commercial Holiday Outdoor Lighting

While watching our perennial favorite Christmas movie, Love Actually, we thought of the many similarities while watching Hugh Grant narrate the opening sequence of the film.

“Love is everywhere. Love is all around.”


In that single moment, it occurred to us that the same can be said of our Nashville Holiday Lighting designs and installations. Virtually everywhere you look, you’ll see us through our creative Christmas illumination handiwork. For as long as we can remember, you can see the joy and love in the faces of everyone who experiences the magical blend of our holiday colors and shining effects throughout town.


That is especially true in our large-scale Nashville holiday lighting installations that have become a popular tradition, which we refer to as Custom Commercial Holiday Lighting.

Nashville Holiday Lighting Dazzles Citizens And Guests Visiting The Capitol Tree

From a business perspective, the best clients are the ones who are so happy with the quality of the service you provide that they return again and again … and again.


For example, take the Nashville holiday lighting magic we bring to The Capitol Tree once again – now in our 10th year. Imagine – a decade of joyous wonder and smiles.


This year’s design palette is a rich and bold combination of holiday classic colors – red, gold, and silver – topped by that glimmering star tree topper.

It’s Not A Typographical Error – “Seasons Eatings” Is Exactly What Our Nashville Holiday Lighting Display At The Loveless Café Is Meant To Say

Just as The Loveless Café is a beloved tradition in cherished Southern cuisine for a decade now, so is our transformation of its exterior into an illuminated glowing wonderland of light.


From the strands of radiant festive bistro bulbs to the gentle and soft glow of uplighting embracing the eatery’s exterior, Christmas truly is all around.

Oh, what fun it is to create joyful, glowing, and dazzling exteriors that welcome regular patrons and visiting guests at this most special time of year.

To Make The Best Food In Nashville, Their Cooks Arrive At 3:00 AM Each And Every Day

Imagine having to wake up before the rooster crows to go to work – only to have a smile on your face suddenly appear when you pull into the parking lot at 3:00 AM to make the most famous Southern biscuits in the world. That’s exactly what happens each and every holiday season at The Loveless Café.


What a great way to start the day as their team makes ready the fixins’ for a breakfast menu that is served all day – YUM!

For our dining guests to enjoy their Supper Menu and Sweets Menu until 8:00 PM, they, too, will embrace the stunning illuminations our energy-smart Nashville holiday lighting greets them with.

Customized Commercial Christmas Lighting To Brighten And Welcome Each Holiday Season With Wonderous Joy

Our holiday outdoor lighting designs grace the exterior of many of Music City’s most popular commercial venues, each dynamic as the services or items they offer.



We believe that seasonal holiday lighting should not only reflect the festive nature of the season, but also the character that makes each commercial establishment unique. We strive to design a truly custom holiday outdoor lighting design that will set you apart from the crowd, and encourage return visits.

Some of our most notable commercial customers, in addition to The Loveless Café, include the famous Goo Goo shop in downtown Nashville, The Mall at Green Hills, The Gulch, and of course, our custom tree lighting that we’ve done at The Nashville Capitol for more than a decade.

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David Todd, Director of Sales Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

David Todd, Director of Sales Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.



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